Some Words Of being We

This industry leading company's commitment always remains forward.

We combine business experiments for all clients to provide them with the best services at a suitable range. Starting from years back, we delivered the best of our capability to the customers that proves loyalty. It's now being accumulated with a super active team with prolific qualification and experience. We would like to join more professional partners and services to make our chain longer.

We are pioneers in services we share with clients including cloud database management, marketing. We will keep ourselves up in later days as well to be fit in the worldwide It industry.

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It's A Tale Of Our Dedicated Team

Since we came into the market, we were supposed to handle all clients and used to provide all end-to-end solutions all alone. As of now, we are in the superb expansion with specialised team leads and dedicated members. We would like to keep this expansion proceedings with the market exposures.

Tejas Jadhav

Founder & Director

The founder of an iTechnoPhoenix Systems and Technical Services Pvt Ltd.

Kailas Jadhav

Co - Founder

The co-founder of an iTechnoPhoenix Systems and Technical Services Pvt Ltd.